TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY provides one contact for any given project.

• This contact oversees all facets of job site activities and internal processes.

• The results meet or exceed our customers’ expectation.

• Project Managers possess both casework and construction experience, and they understand the specialized needs of our customers.

• Project Managers are responsible for engineering and shop drawing preparation, submittal processes, trading, scheduling, shipping and installation.

• The team executes and provides all services necessary for a successful project.

• The team is used to plan and schedule a project in order to establish the goals and objectives that shall be communicated properly to the working team and in determining what will be the priority activity for the project so it can be completed right on time.

• Involvement of projects and planning department, after receiving the LOI from the client the role of projects coordinator starts from here. Reviews the content stipulated in the letter of intent including the BOQ drawings/designs and coordinate with accounts department with payment terms if it is matching with the terms mentioned in the quotation.

• Project Manager is responsible for the accuracy of the shop drawings and by making sure that the projects coordinator has prepared the complete documents necessary for submission to the clients.

• Project coordinator act as a point of contact of the client for queries concerning the delivery to the site and will coordinate with the production coordinator on the status update of production from the factory to make sure that it will be delivered without any delay.