Safety, accessibility and utilization are the most important factors to consider when developing a highly functional laboratory. Their relationship to critical support functions, space allocation and designing with modules should be discussed with your TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY dealer, lab partner or architect to create the safest and most functional layout for your facility.

TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY dealers with extensive experience will guide you through such critical issues as selecting the correct chemical fume hood, mechanical interface, safely storing and using chemicals, emergency considerations and safety equipment. TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY product experts, with the support of our dealer organization, work in partnership with project architects, facilities engineers, lab managers and end users to develop a plan to meet everyone’s needs.

TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY is not only a trading company that sells readily available products but at the same time provides planning and consulting with the clients’ requirements. We take responsibility on every project we received, give advices to resolve the problems encountered by finding the best solution to meet the clients and end users needs.