HPL Lockers: TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY array of lockers is manufactured using High Pressure Laminated (HPL) compact boards. Our 100% HPL compact board allows the lockers to be tailored to suit our customer requirements.

Breaking away from conventional metal lockers, TM Furniture Industry Lockers explores the possibilities in the usage of High Pressure Laminated (HPL) compact boards. Unlike conventional lockers made of wood, metal or plastic which are more prone to rot, corrosion and vandalism, HPL lockers are amazingly durable.

Our 100% HPL compact board allows the lockers to be highly customized to suit our user requirements. From an extensive range of colors for selection, customizable dimensions, accessories combination to design requirements, HPL lockers are no doubt the best choice to fulfill your storage needs.



“L” Shaped door, 2-Tier Locker

Locker with HPL base

HPL Locker Drawings

Locker Accessories

Hinge – Exposed knuckle offset hinge
  • 240° opening angle and 3.5mm door overlay.
  • Zamak, nickel plated coating, with spring catch.
  • Hardened steel axle with nylon ring for smooth swinging.

Lock – Push Lock
  • Automatically locks door when closed.
  • Anti-pick bracket ensures maximum security.
  • Click action mechanism.
  • Zinc alloy die cast finish.

Lock – Door Lock
  • Door lock
  • Zinc alloy material
  • Nickel plated finish

Coat Hanger with support – Round shaped
  • Round coat hanger rod with chrome or nickel plated finish.
  • Closed type rod support with chrome or nickel plated finish.

Coat Hanger with support – Oval shaped
  • Round coat hanger rod with chrome or nickel plated finish.
  • Closed type rod support with chrome or nickel plated finish.

Handle Knob
  • Cylinder type handle knob.
  • SS Satin/ natural brushed finish.

Coat Hook – Single or double hook
  • Single or double hooks.
  • Chrome or nickel plated.

Ventilator – Oval or round shaped
  • PVC ventilator
  • Recessed mounting with flanged rim

Digital Lock
  • Four digital dial combination locks for individual codes
  • Code scrambles function to prevent skimming of personal code
  • Setting of code in open position through programming code.

Digital Lock – Digilock
  • Metal housing. keypad operation. shared use functionality
  • Manager bypass functionality. Visual, audible usage indicators
  • Programmable automatic unlock.



Compact laminate is a solid grade, load bearing laminate. It has inner core of celluloid fibresimpregnated with thermosetting resins which are resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. It provides superior mechanical properties to impact resistance. It can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Compact Laminates are manufactured in various thicknesses, adequate to eliminate the use of a substrate, and are useful where flat and free standing panels are required for decorative purposes. Compact laminate is usually used for areas with higher cleaning and hygiene requirements. So it is well suited for wet area applications such as shower cubicles or swimming pool lockers.


Advantage of compact laminate:


  • Resistant to water, moisture, stain, graffiti, , scratch, impact, fire, cigarette burns and color change
  • Provides good dimensional stability and flatness
  • Provides self-supporting function
  • Resistant to frost and heat
  • Non-corrosive and permanent
  • Easy to clean
  • Physiologically safe
  • Meets stringent hygiene requirements, surface edges can be disinfected
  • Resistance against organic solvents
  • Low electrostatic charge-up
  • Easy installation, space saving and easy to process
  • Low smoke emission

As Compact laminate do not suffer from corrosion and oxidation, no further surface protection and no maintenance apart from cleaning is needed. Its decorative surface with an easy-to clean texture is enhanced by the solid black core offered as a standard feature of this collection & may be cleaned with damp cloth or ordinary soap.

The Compact Laminate collections are available in a selection of plain/wood grain colors and various finishes












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