We offer vanity tops in color & style that will make every bathroom countertop look great and complement your style. Colors range from white to bright and everything in between.



We have vanity units for schools & young children, perfect for secondary/primary schools, nurseries & all wash areas used by students & staffs. Cast from an acrylic resin demands little maintenance and is extremely durable.



Residential vanity counters not only delivers functionality, but can be incredibly useful for storage, becoming integral part of your washroom. We have vanity units manufactured from a range of materials allowing you to choose something that is in keeping without your washroom design. Vanity under cabinet units exterior finish with laminate, veneer or paint finish.



Reference Drawing

Vanity Counter Top Color Selection


Code : F1-8010
Color: Bone
Code : F1-8016
Color: White
Code : F1-8024
Color: Creme
Code : F1-8106
Color: Ivory


Code : F1-8256
Color: Polaris
Code : F1-8258
Color: Antique Blue
Code : F1-8284
Color: Azul
Code : F1-8262
Color: Vino


Code : F1-8264
Color: Crimson
Code : F1-8252
Color: Orange Zest
Code : F1-8266
Color: Fondant
Code : F1-7826
Color: Signal


Code : F1-7830
Color: Bronze
Code : F1-9036
Color: Sandstorm
Code : F1-9105
Color: Aspen