Wardrobes are important components to residential homeowner, A neat built-in wardrobe installed in an existing niche to an extension utilizing unused walls of the room. Think of all the extra storage and organization you can get, configured to your needs. Shelves, clothes hanging, drawers, shoe organization, will be combined to maximize the use of the space you have.

Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Kitchen

Kitchens don’t just dazzle with style, but exemplify clever utilization of available space and offer a world of convenience too. Our Kitchen offers a complete range of innovative solutions right from Cabinets, Shutters, Accessories, Hardware, pull outs, etc. We help in intelligent space planning, leaving ample scope to make a cool style statement

There are a few points that one keeps in mind while designing the kitchen, like storage space, appliance space and the working triangle. We make it an easy for you to design your kitchen. With our experienced and highly skilled workforce we are committed to deliver excellent service along with an array of cabinet materials manufactured by TM Furniture Industry. Pick from a range of Laminates, solid wood, PVC wrapped, and PU coated. We make sure that you your kitchen design perfectly cater to your demands of having a spacious and sleek kitchen


Laminate Finish

Artificial composite white counter top with a wooden finish laminate gives magnificent look. This Material is very important for the longevity of kitchen cabinets as it is resistant to wear and tear. Laminates gives a wide range of patterns and colour options to the clients & give you ample storage capacity


PVC Finish

Profile which is soft still attractive and trendy in look. Design without Design Profile Surprisingly true – whether you believe or do not believe. Profile having unique characpteristic of Zero Maintenance.


Solid Wood Finish

Few can deny the fact that solid wood furniture looks beautiful. It can bring a feel of classic and quality décor to your home. However, it is also a more costly initial investment. Due to the durability, solid wood can be refinished. The same can’t often be said for other furniture choices.


Veneer Finish

Our Exotic Veneer door fronts are manufactured with 2 mm matching veneer edging, available as a slab style door or with integrated handle. The doors are finished with the same veneer in the front and back sides and optionally available in a high gloss finish. Please note some Exotic Veneer door styles can be integrated with aluminum handles.


Paint Finish

Lacquered High gloss Cabinet doors made to specifications. Slab style with clean look and design cabinet door with multilayer high quality finish, wide color range selection, modern look, fine craftsmanship with so many style and finish combination to choose on


Door Samples





This is the clever utilization of available space and offers a world of convenience too. Straight Kitchen is mostly suitable for a smaller kitchen area. It is so smartly planned that appliances and kitchen requirements can be placed under the bench top giving you a considerably large space for kitchen activities. The storage cabinets are placed overhead making them convenient, easier to reach and space efficient.







L-shaped kitchens can be the crowning glory of your home. This is considered as the most popular style where the kitchen space is bigger than usual. The L shape of the kitchen bench gives a large amount of continuous counter space. The style provides ample space for storage and avoids clutter.






Usher in elegance, convenience and space with U/C shaped kitchens. In these, a continuous countertop and storage system surrounds you from three sides providing maximum efficiency. With this design layout you get plenty of counter and cupboard area and offers excellent usage of space.








Performance and appearance are equally important in a worktop, which needs to stand up to a variety of uses whilst complementing your kitchen frontal.

Worktop will take up a significant area of your kitchen design. To achieve this, lots of styles and finishes to select from to ensure your worktop compliments your kitchen design perfectly. Whether you prefer the classic glamour of granite, the smooth finish of a whole host of worktops including solid surface, Trespa (HPL) and Quartz, we’ll have something perfect for you.

Countertops are available custom-made or precut and come in several materials, each with its own benefits and style. Whichever countertop you choose, you can be sure it will stand up to everyday life in your kitchen for years to come.


Granite Worktop

The ultimate and most luxurious worktop surface you can choose. It’s one of themost durable material & the pattern of every single worktop is unique.

Its resistant to heat, water, scratching & stainining. Has a high gloss finish that’s very easy to clean and maintain. Rich visual textures in a range of colors. Great for baking operations.


Solid Surface Worktop

These countertops are with wide choice for colors & patterns.

Solid surface is resistant to water, bacteria & stains. Heat-resistant, scratch resistant and repairable if damage does occur. Its smooth, non-porous, is simple to keep clean – just use warm water and mild, nonabrasive detergent. With acrylic, you have unique option of choosing a fully integrated sink.


Quartz Stone Worktop

Made of natural quartz, one of the hardest material in nature and high-quality polymer resins for a smooth surface. Each counter top is extremely durable and beautifully unique. Quarts tops are consistent to color & pattern than natural stone. Resists heat, water, bacteria & stains. Resists scratches, non-porous, easy cleaning. Requires low maintenance than natural stone.


Trespa Worktop

The next generation in worktop design – ultra sleek, versatile and high performing. Trespa (compact laminate) worktops provide complete flexibility in design and are the new unique alternative to natural stone.

Trespa tops are 100% waterproof, aesthetical color options & product finishing, easy to clean, superior performance against heat & impact.


Granites – Color Selection Chart


Gem Red

Crystal Yellow

Black Absolute

Shiva Gold

Rosa Porino

Desert Basalt

Rosa Blanca

Black Galaxy

Desert Brown

Red Balmoral

Amiral Blanc

Fancy Red


Solid Surface – Color Selection Chart


Code : F1-8010
Color: Bone
Code : F1-8016
Color: White
Code : F1-8024
Color: Creme
Code : F1-8106
Color: Ivory
Code : F1-8256
Color: Polaris
Code : F1-8258
Color: Antique Blue
Code : F1-8284
Color: Azul
Code : F1-8262
Color: Vino
Code : F1-8264
Color: Crimson
Code : F1-8252
Color: Orange Zest
Code : F1-8266
Color: Fondant
Code : F1-7826
Color: Signal
Code : F1-7830
Color: Bronze
Code : F1-9036
Color: Sandstorm
Code : F1-9105
Color: Aspen

Quartz – Color Selection Chart


Code: Cappuccino 115
Family: Pebble
Code: Light Grey 125
Family: Pebble
Code: Dark Grey 120
Family: Pebble
Code: Brown 110
Family: Pebble
Code: Black 105
Family: Pebble
Code: White 505
Family: QF
Code: Beige 500
Family: QF
Code: Light Grey 510
Family: QF
Code: Brown 530
Family: QF
Code: Black 525
Family: QF
Code: Beige 620
Family: Cloudy
Code: Portland Grey 630
Family: Cloudy
Code: Desert 610
Family: Cloudy
Code: Brown 605
Family: Cloudy
Code: Black 600
Family: Cloudy

Trespa – Color Selection Chart


Color : Pastel Grey/Silver
Code : D02.1.0
Family : TopLab Plus
Color : Speckle White
Code : S0-00
Family : TopLab Base
Color : Speckle Silver Grey
Code : S0-02
Family : TopLab Base
Color : Speckle Pastel Grey
Code : S0-015
Family : TopLab Base
Color : Speckle Sand
Code : S3-01
Family : TopLab Base
Color : Speckle Powder Blue
Code : S0-00
Family : TopLab Base
Color : Speckle Aquamarine
Code : S20-12
Family : TopLab Base
Color : Speckle Icey Blue
Code : S25-01
Family : TopLab Base