EDUCATIONAL FURNITURE covers the full spectrum from Kindergarten to University. Our range of products are vast enabling us to complete entire school fit-outs with ease and are built to withstand the heavy demand required, whilst being both stylish and affordable.


Custom Wardrobe are important components to residential homeowner, A neat built-in wardrobe installed in an existing niche to an extension utilizing unused walls of the room. Think of all the extra storage and organization you can get, configured to your needs. Shelves, clothes hanging, drawers, shoe organization, will be combined to maximize the use of the space you have. There is a variety of door types, ranging from hinged doors, sliding doors or bi-fold

Offer the advantage of exposed edges on high quality core material. They are Economical and durable and are easy to look after and come in a range of colors and patterns. Laminated door can save matching laminate edges or either PVC or ABS edges.


PVC Finish

PVC is highly UV resistant and remains looking new throughout the life of your door. The finish is trendy, modern & provides better insulation. When used as a door, PVC is actually three times more energy efficient than its counterpart. PVC door frame remains perfectly stable because it is 100% waterproof.


Solid Wood Finish

It creates a warm and pleasant feeling and can suit both modern and country designs. They also tend to hide dents and scratches better than a plain color shutters such as laminate and lacquered shutter and can be sanded back and re-coated when needed


Veneer Finish

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood, which are typically on to MDF, to give the wood finish. Veneers are then polished just like wood and it gives a real solid wood look. You can expect long lasting, perfect substitute for wood, cheaper than wood.


Paint Finish

Polyurethane painted with auto-coat paints and a clear coating on MDF boards. They are fully water-proof and long lasting. With countless numbers of shades, you have the most number of color choices to choose, if you go for the paint finish shutters for your wardrobe.


Door Samples


Wardrobe – Typical Drawings




ELEVATION AT-A (without Door)




ELEVATION AT-B (without Door)