TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY has a real affinity with the UAE, not only because the UAE is our home market but also because we are the only Company designing and manufacturing Laboratory, Office and Educational Furniture products in Dubai.

Our strong reputation built on quality products and excellent service has helped us to develop strong relationships with local Educational Establishments, Industry, Commercial, Hospitals and Healthcare and Government Sectors throughout the country. All of which can purchase with confidence from us with the total assurance that our products are designed and made in the UAE. This not only helps to boost the local economy but also displays commitment from the Company that world class designs can be produced here to the same exacting standards without the need to import from Europe or the Far East.

Our Vision


We aim to strategically expand TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY products into new markets, constantly developing our product range in line with the latest technologies in order to meet the demands of our customers.

Our Mission


Our goal is to expand our market penetration across the Middle East and Africa and to ensure market leadership by manufacturing products that exceed customers’ expectations, garnering trust through exceptional design, unparalleled quality and maintaining the highest possible standards of manufacture utilising the latest technology.

Our Values


TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY functioning philosophy revolves around these five pillars that add value to all of our customers. By implementing values of motivating design, customer care, excellent products, reliability, strong team work and total integrity, we have become a primary force in the Laboratory Furniture market across the region.

Corporate Culture


TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY believe that if we empower our creativity, resources and technology in a balanced way we can achieve sustainable business success which will help generations to come. As such in all our endeavours we strive to promote and achieve this balance into the future.

Our People


At TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY we recognize that our people are our best assets and their performance we rely on to achieve our goals. As such TM Furniture Industry revolves around its people. Each employee is thoroughly trained to develop their skills and knowledge in all areas on an on-going basis.


Founded as a separate manufacturing Company in May 2011 and it was originally set up through its sister Company TM Lab Systems LLC. State of the art machinery including CNC machinery is used to produce high quality products to meet our client’s needs. The manufacturing site is divided into 4 key areas, wood machining and assembly, metal works, upholstery and warehousing for finished goods and raw materials. Employing over 60 skilled workers we have the capacity to produce high volumes of furniture products in as short a time as possible. During busy periods we operate double shifts to increase our capacity still further.

Our range of furniture solutions is extensive and with close associations with leading furniture Manufacturers across the world we are able to provide a perfect solution to our client’s needs. In addition to our wholly manufactured products, with strong alliances and partnerships with world class furniture manufacturers world-wide we buy components, manufacture other parts and assemble here in the UAE to the original design. This unique position allows us to supply world leading brands at a fraction of the cost.

Due to the internal restructuring, TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY is in the process of obtaining ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 for Quality, Health and Safety and Environment. Prior to re-structuring the manufacturing site held all of these certificates as part of the procedures contained within TM Lab Systems LLC Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Audit.