As a leading manufacturer company in UAE specializing in furniture fit outs for Educational Establishments, Offices, Healthcare, Industrial companies and in almost any type of commercial furniture application our main purpose and objective is to be of service to our clients and shall provide quality work for customer’s satisfaction that will make us distinct from other companies in related field.

TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY manufacturing company guarantees to restore and change any products within our product ranges that is significantly substandard in material and quality within the period of 5 years. This is your only solution for products found by TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY to be defective.

This warranty, which runs from the date of delivery and installation is subject to the limitations, exclusions and other provisions below: TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY may repair or restore at its own discretion, any piece or part of the product which proves to be in substandard or defective quality under the terms of this limited warranty at no further cost on the part of the buyer.

TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY shall only be liable under this limited warranty only for the price or at its alternative, the fixing and restoration or replacement of defective products. TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY will not reimburse any labor cost related to fixing and restoration or replacements. All minor and significant damages which may arise, including but not limited to lost earnings, personal property damage and third party liabilities are hereby definitely excluded. Similarly, TM FURNITURE INDUSTRY will not be accountable and liable for any damage to customers property caused by incompatibility or inappropriateness of the product.